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In Praise Of... Zack De La Rocha

Ten reasons the RATM frontman is a hero

Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack De La Rocha turned 48 today. To celebrate this momentous occasion we decided to take a look back at the great man's life and present these ten reasons why he is a true hero. Happy birthday Zack!

He Was The Mouthpiece Of One Of The Greatest Debuts Ever

So unless you're some sort of cave-dwelling simpleton you'll know that RATM's self-titled debut is one of the finest albums ever. And, although much of the jaw-dropping impact was due to the incredible chemistry between the members and the previously unheard guitar work of Tom Morello, much of that has to do with the pure fiery fury spat from De La Rocha's mouth. In a metal world dominated by Sunset Strip bands banging on about how many girls they were going to ogle that night, grunge bands crying into their plaid jumpers or trad-metal acts pretending they were about to be attacked by dragons, Zack turned the rock world into an arena where it was okay to sing about things that were real and, you know, actually meant something.

He Perfected The Art Of Sloganeering In Rock

He wasn't the first person to do it, but when he penned the infamous 'Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!' Line in Killing In The Name Zack started a trend in rock music for bands attempting to capture the feeling of an entire generation in one easily quotable line. Korn just elongated it a bit with their 'Fuck you I'm fed up with you, I'm not as good as you, fuck you I'm better than you' line in Divine, Machine Head made it a bit more literal and a lot more violent with 'let freedom ring with a shotgun blast' from Davidian and Limp Bizkit, predictably, made it more ridiculous by letting Fred Durst inflict 'Give me something to break' from Break Stuff on an unsuspecting public. All tried, but none matched the sentiment or inspired delivery of Killing In The Name.

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