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Famous Firsts: Cradle Of Filth

The firsts of Dani Filth!

The next edition of our semi-regular series sees the most metal man in Ipswich reflect on his first forays into music and why an Italian was jumping through the top of a tour bus as it hurtled down the Autobahn.

The first album you ever bought?

"The Collection by Ultravox in 1985. We spent Christmas at my uncle's house that year and I remember buying the album on a shopping trip whilst I was staying with my cousins. At that point in my life I was collecting those little citadel figures and playing Dungeons & Dragons, and Ultravox tied in with all of that for me. I thought it was really dark and there were some great gloomy, gothic moments on there. I really liked it. And it's weird because my cousin was into heavy metal then, and it was that Christmas that he introduced me to the delights of Bark At The Moon, the early Maiden albums and Motörhead. So even though Ultravox was the first ever pop record that I bought, I literally jumped straight from there into metal. I actually rebought The Collection whilst I was over in Germany recently, and every now and then it pops up on random play on the iPod and I think 'yeah, that's cool'. Everybody bangs on about Vienna because it's the one that everyone remembers, but it's got a really great darkwave middle section where it all goes into strings and there's lots of bits like that throughout the whole album."

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