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The A-Z Of Marilyn Manson

All you need to know about MM in alphabetical order

To celebrate the release of Marilyn Manson's new album The Pale Emperor, we take a look at why The God Of Fuck is one of the most iconic and controversial men in metal in this in-depth A-Z.

Listen to The Pale Emperor here.

A is for Avril Lavigne

There's been a fair few surprising Marilyn Manson collaborations over the years. Artists he has worked with include DMX, Lady Gaga and Eminem, however the surprises keep coming when in 2013 Mazza popped up on Avril Lavigne's self-titled fifth album on the song Bad Girl.

B is for Boobs 

So it's no secret that the MM is one of the most iconic and recognisable figures in world of metal, and although the aesthetic may have changed several times it's always been memorable. Perhaps his most shocking look though was when he appeared in the video for The Dope Show and on the cover of third album Mechanical Animals having acquired a pair of breasts.  

C is for Columbine

It's unsurprising that in the midst of Manson being the American media's most hated figure he found himself as the scapegoat for the tragic Columbine massacre. Although it did lead to his Rock Is Dead tour getting cancelled, it was the sort of damning media assault that would spell the end of lesser men's careers. Not in the UK though. Not only did Manson burst back onto the scene with Disposable Teens, he also appeared in Michael Moore's Bowling For Columbine documentary talking nothing but sense that made all those news readers condemning him look as idiotic as they actually were.

D is for Dita Von Teese

Ever the #lad, ol' Brian has had his fair share of love interests over the years. Following a high profile relationship with actress Rose McGowan, he married Dita Von Teese in 2005, who also appeared in his video for mOBSCENE. Far from marital bliss, the relationship was short-lived as Von Teese filed for divorce just one year later, due to his affair with Evan Rachel Wood.

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