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Statues reveal the stories behind Together We're Alone

Matt and Jim from Statues go through their new LP

Perth hardcore mob Statues have recently released their noisy-ass full-length Together We're Alone. Here, vocalist Jim Keulen and guitarist Scott Kay go through it track by track to reveal more about each song...

All Fears Are Learned, All Victories Are Earned

Matt: "The intro! We wrote this track originally to be the start of our live set and have been playing it in a few different iterations for a while now. We wanted to make something that was straight-up, exciting and had a bit of a build up to allow punters time to wander in from the beer garden! I'm also a little attached to this track because I got to try and pull a Tim Commerford bass sound at the start of the song, two wah pedals probably would have made it better though."

Always Building, Always Breaking

Jim: "Lyrically, this song broadly addresses the main themes of the album (mainly addressing the frustrations and thought processes of being told how to conform to the behavioural/social norms within our society, that are assumed to be a ‘one size fits all’). But personally, the pace and aggression of the track gives it just the right amount of angst and frustration and chaos, to give the words a far more personal, emotive, ‘train-of-thought’ kind of flow."

Oh Precious Commodity

Jim: "When I wrote this song, I wanted to delve more into the thoughts and emotions that are created when you’re told you’re not something, or what or who you are is wrong. I wanted to address the frustrations of pretending to be something or someone you don’t want to be, but I also wanted to capture the idea of not being destined to be something you’re not forever, that there can be release and freedom from it too."

Forseeing The Cloud And Not The Rain

Scott: "A little nugget of inspiration for this song came from another Perth band, Karnivool. Goliath, from their second album Sound Awake, has this awesome riff at the end that then drops a key, making the riff heavier. We decided to do the same thing at 1:59 in this track, in our own way. We also got Alex Shom from one of our tightest brother bands, Foxes, to come in and do a guest vocal spot. His vocal/lyrical style are amazing, and I highly recommend you check his band out."

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