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Flash Metal Suicide: Shotgun Messiah

This week: the origins of industrial music, and Shotgun Messiah's Violent New Breed

“Don't know how much longer I can hide it from my friends/An alien intelligence is breeding in my skin” - Enemy in Me

This is going to sound quaint at best, loony at worst, but there was a time in the early 1990s when a lot of otherwise sane individuals thought “industrial” was the future of rock n' roll. Seriously. Looking back, it makes sense, in a dopey 90s sorta way. It was clear even back then that we were about to enter a weird new world where technology infringed on our hilariously analog lives. We were still trying to cope with CDs, for chrissakes. We just wanted to smoke cigarettes, read punk rock zines, and listen to Superjudge on our cassette Walkman. Digital was freaking us out. Naturally, we imagined that in the future, evil robots would make evil robot music. Splatterpunk author David Schow even named it before it was a thing: “Metal Rape Music”. So, a few people, for better or (mostly) worse, gave it a shot.

Next: Flash Cooney and the horrors of glitter-transvesto-billy.

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