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Foreigner: Your Guide To The First Seven Albums

Guitarist Mick Jones looks back on the AOR giants' studio output from 1977 to 1991...

For a band who are often regarded as no more than a hit machine with little personality, the Foreigner story is remarkably packed with incident. They were formed against the unappealing backdrop of punk and disco, when the sort of melodic rock they were trying to germinate was seen as having no contemporary value. There were dramatic line-up changes, studio arguments and a constant fight against a media who felt Foreigner offered nothing to the musical heritage of the era. But over a series of seven studio albums between 1977 and 1991, the band achieved remarkable success. The first five of these all made the Top Five in America, as Foreigner unleashed some of the most memorable tunes of the time, songs which have since proved to be timeless. These are still being heavily played across the world and are part of the fabric of AOR.

Moreover, the band are still a force to be reckoned with, on the live front. Only founder-guitarist Mick Jones now remains from the glory years. But with a box set of those seven albums having just been released – and in celebration of their track I Want To Know What Love Is topping the UK singles charts 30 years ago today –Jones looks back at the work, agitation and inspiration which went into each of them...

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