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Studio Report: Shining

An exclusive look at the making of IX/Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends

Hammer has found itself in some pretty strange situations over the years but puffing away on Cuban cigars with Niklas Kvarforth the controversy-powered mastermind behind Sweden’s self-proclaimed ‘originators of suicidal black metal’, Shining, is certainly one of the strangest. Less strange perhaps is the reason Hammer finds ourselves indulging in such Hannibal Smith-esque activities, as we joined Kvarforth, Shining guitarist Peter Huss and producer Andy LaRocque, as they celebrated the recent completion of Shining’s upcoming ninth studio album IX/Everyone Everything Everywhere Ends.

“I believe opinions will differ quite a lot amongst the people who hear it,” Kvarforth tells us earlier in the day at LaRocque’s studio in Varberg, Sweden, after we’ve had our eardrums blown through our skulls after an exclusive first play back of the record. “The rules in the genre are somewhat blurred these days, but if it was still 1996 I believe people would be truly offended with how much of a liberty, or ‘not giving a fuck’ to be precise, I’ve taken with this album.

“Some stuff I would personally consider turned out way heavier than what we’ve ever achieved before,” he adds, “but there Andy had a major role. I think he knew what I was aiming for and there wasn’t that much discussion about the sound to begin with as I believe we were all on the same page from the very start; achieving something more ‘alive’ and ‘authentic than before, not fussing around too much with technicalities.”

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