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High Hopes: Pond

Footloose jams and three-minute songs fuel Australia’s eclectic pop-rock collective.

“We go on really intense flirtations with sound and aesthetics,” says Nick Allbrook, vocalist and occasional flautist with Pond. “Whenever I get some spare cash I’ll get hold of a record player and just buy a load of stuff I’ve never heard before. Gobble it up. Pond is the sound of us vomiting everything we consume.”

Pond evolved in 2008 from a collective of jamming musicians “living a free and frugal lifestyle” in Perth, Western Australia. “Perth is a giant transit lounge for miners digging great big holes in the ground,” says Allbrook. “Gradually, like-minded people joined the dots, came together at peoples’ houses or garages.” 

Man, It Feels Like Space Again is out now on Caroline Records.


As with Flaming Lips, Pond have a similar eclecticism belied by a sharp sense of what a pop song should be. Like the Lips, Pond aren’t afraid of appearing eccentric. But the Lips are just one of Pond’s many jumping off points. They’re voracious consumers, but create unique patterns from their influences. 


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