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Devil's Train: party like it's 1987

After a pair of spectacular videos, the outlaw Germans are ready to unleash a second album

Gyrating strippers, chain-wielding bikers, long-haired guitarists ripping out fleet-fingered solos amidst explosions of fireworks in a graveyard of empty bottles. Is 1987 back for a second round? No, thank Christ. 1987 almost killed me the first time. But the sweat-soaked, poison-veined, testosterone-pumping spirit of the era is alive and well in Germany's Devil's Train. A supergroup littered with Euro-power metal stalwarts, the band was formed in 2009 by vocalist RS Liapakis, head-honcho in epic metal warriors Mystic Prophecy.

“For many years I've wanted to do something on the side besides Mystic Prophecy,” Liapakis explains. “I wanted to explore something that was coming out of my heart and soul. I started looking around for musicians who were on the same page, and I found this guitarist, Lakis (Ragazzas, also of Mystic) and we started talking about it, and trading ideas. We found out that we had great chemistry together and that's how this whole thing started. That was back in 2009. A year later Mystic were on tour with Stratovarius where I met Jorg (Michael), the drummer. I pitched the idea for Devil's Train to him and he was interested. That's when things really started to happen.”

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