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Why I Love Status Quo – By Mike Vennart

The Oceansize, Biffy Clyro and British Theatre guitarist on the importance of the perennial London rockers

Status Quo have so much to answer for. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, to a point. But I’m not here to tell you about the end-of-the-pier, Grandma’s-favourite cuddly-rogues Quo. I’m talking about the Frantic Four. The original, 1970’s Status Quo. Rossi. Parfitt. Lancaster. Coghlan. What a fucking heavy band.

It’s easy to blame nostalgia for one’s guilty pleasures, and this case is no different. Status Quo were the first band I ever saw live. It was at Bridlington Spa in 1984, and billed ironically as their ‘farewell tour’.

I don’t remember much about the gig because I was only seven years old. I remember my dad bollocking my older brother for rocking out a little too much – headbanging, hands aloft. Let’s not forget, this was the height of the air-guitar phenomena, and my brother was a pro. I also remember that the band was so fucking unbelievably loud that I was kind of overwhelmed – hey, I was only seven – so my dad went and took me to the bar to chill. I still remember though. I’d never heard anything like it, yet there they were – in person. The actual Quo (well, three quarters of them) were right before my tiny eyes.

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