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70,000 tons of Metal, day three

Landfall is made as the mayhem continues on board

It's the morning after the night before and this morning the 70,000 Tons Of Metal cruise has landed at the beautiful (and wholly un-metal) surroundings of Ocha Rios, Jamaica – birthplace of Bob Marley. Thousands of metalheads descend on the town to wreak havoc and nurse gargantuan hangovers in the turquoise oceans with a bottle of Red Stripe. Stereotypical maybe, but it might just work...

Back on board in the evening the surreal folk-y metal of Trollfest invades Studio B in the first of tonight's re-arranged sets following yesterday's Pool Deck stage problems. If you're after a good time and have a hankering for an accordion, look no further than the Norwegian beard enthusiasts – and their impressive cover of Britney Spears' Toxic. Over the years the band have carved out a niche for themselves, garnering a generous cult following, perhaps down to their love of dancing. The “audience participation” portion of the evening comes in the form of a knee bend in unison and it's oddly hypnotic. Sure, it also looks like the crowd are all sat on invisible space hoppers but when you're in Trollfest's world, nothing is out of the ordinary – there's even a bloody conga line!

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