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Flash Metal Suicide: Flash Cooney

CBGB punks turned flash metallers Flash Cooney and the Deans of Discipline, and the ambitiously titled album Horrorglittertransvestobilly

“I'm really sick of tryin', but I'm tryin' anyway”

This is not about Buckcherry's Time Bomb album, although it sort of is. It'd probably be helpful to remember what American culture was like when Time Bomb was released, in 2001. It was in the toilet, basically. On the radio, nu-metal and rap-rock were all the rage. On the streets, fashion took a wild-turn for the highly sexualized, spear-headed by the thong/ass-cleavage craze. Porn stars like Tera Patrick and Jenna Jameson were mainstream celebrities. George Bush was the president and he was a wildly destructive, total fucking idiot. Sharks were eating people left and right. And this was all before 9/11. One thing was for sure: we were not ok. 

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