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10cc: "I love all our albums, but that one has the edge"

Graham Gouldman of 10cc celebrates the enduring legacy of Sheet Music

On February 5, 10cc begin the UK leg of a world tour, which will see the art-rock pioneers celebrate the 40th anniversary of their second album, Sheet Music, by performing it in its entirety. Sheet Music contains the hits The Wall Street Shuffle and Silly Love, but was a marked leap on from their 1973 self-titled debut, with progressive and hard rock, satire and humour feeding into the songs such as Clockwork Creep, Baron Samedi and The Worst Band In The World. As far as frontman Graham Gouldman is concerned it’s still the best album 10cc ever made.

You’ve always said that Sheet Music is your favourite 10cc album. What’s its appeal?

I love the others but this one has the edge. The band was in a very good place, and we felt good about ourselves - as Americans would say. We were coming off the back of two hit singles, Donna and Rubber Bullets [in 1972 and ‘73], but we’d had to rush to get that first album [10cc] out. With Sheet Music we could take our time, and that came across in the end result.

For more on 10cc, not least the story behind the enigmatic I'm Mandy Fly Me, then click on the link below.

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