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Rush Song Of The Day: Circumstances

Josh Middleton of Sylosis loves the "hard rocking" of Circumstances

Rush, who recently released the R40 box set, grace the cover of the latest issue of Prog and in that issue we called upon 40 famous Rush fans to reveal their favourite Rush songs.

Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you some of those choices. Josh Middleton of British metal band Sylosis got into Rush when Tool kept name checking the Canadians. He's chosen Circumstances from 1978's Hemispheres as his big Rush choice.

"Circumstances is my choice. I really love the complexity of the Hemispheres album and the various, lengthy twists and turns within the first track, but Circumstances is more of a hard-hitting classic rock song. The main thing that stood out to me was the riff leading into the chorus, which really reminded me of Tool (one of my favourite bands growing up). They were responsible for name dropping bands like Rush and King Crimson, which led me to really exploring the 70s classic prog stuff"

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