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Flash Metal Suicide: Saigon Kick

Our weekly flash metal compendium continues with The Lizard, the second album by Miami's Saigon Kicks

“Lick your friends until they start to quiver” - The Lizard

You'd think Florida would've offered us more, musically speaking, than it has so far. It's sun-drenched and beachy, just like California, but instead of serial killers and delusional would-be “stars”, it's full of cranky old people and street lunatics. So that's fun. And it's cheap, too. You could live there on a garage band budget, for sure. So it's surprising that more rock acts of note haven't sprouted from the sunshine state. Basically all we've got is southern rock, 38 Special, and Marilyn Manson. I'm definitely not counting Creed. Oh, and these dudes, Saigon Kick. But they don't sound like they're from Florida. They sound like they're from Mars.

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