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Carach Angren: Grimm Tales

Symphonic storytellers Carach Angren have long stood out from the black metal pack. However, this time around it's resulted in death threats.

Given the nature of the beast, it’s not surprising that every so often a black metal album causes a wave of controversy upon its release. But to outrage folks months before your album has been launched... that takes some doing. Such is the achievement/predicament, however, of rising symphonic stars Carach Angren, the Dutch trio kickstarting no small amount of furore after offering a preview of their latest opus, This Is No Fairytale, in the shape of a lyric video for the album’s opening number, There’s No Place Like Home.

Though reaction was mainly positive, amongst the enthused fans were listeners so horrified that they not only wrote to complain to the band’s label, Season Of Mist, but in at least one case issued death threats.

“This isn’t a lyrical context for black metal,” was the explanation in one email, reminding older black metal fans of the 90s when such activity was more common and labels received threats for signing ‘non-approved’ outfits such as Fleurety. But what sort of content could invoke such ire in today’s more rational scene?


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