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Lionize: Guitar Trek

Us? On tour? With Lionize? As a part of the UK-slaying beardfest that was Lords Of The Riff 2? What could possibly go wrong...

Seven guitars, eight beards, many gallons of beer and an almighty fistful of rock ’n’ fucking roll. It could only mean one thing: Metal Hammer’s own Lords Of The Riff – the most riff-soaked, hirsute tour on the planet – had returned to reap guitar-fuelled havoc on the UK. Boasting an impressive lineup featuring US brethren Kyng and Lionize and Greek riff kings Planet Of Zeus, it was all set to go off spectacularly and, as Metal Hammer discovered when we were invited to join the fun and games for a day as part of the Lionize crew, it also meant some new friendships were born. Here’s how it all went down. As best as we can remember it, anyway...

12pm Bleurgh. It’s the night after Metal Hammer’s Lords Of The Riff 2 ploughed through Stoke, and while Hammer is passed out on the specially mobilized ‘Krakenmobile’, which has been home to Planet Of Zeus, Kyng and Lionize for this most rocking past couple of weeks, we appear to have rolled into Highbury, London for the final night of the tour. A bus full of rum seemed like a gift from the gods of rock last night; this morning... not so much. There’s already a fair bit of movement while we’re desperately Googling ‘hangover cures that actually work’.


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