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Blogs Of War: What Is The Grammys' Problem With Metal?

TeamRock Radio DJ Stephen Hill takes aim at last night's award ceremony...

So it was another controversial edition of The Grammys last night then. The whole of the American music industry gasped as Beck picked up the album of the year ahead of Beyoncé and Kanye West almost stormed the stage in disgust at the shock of it all. The fact that this story, essentially credible established artist beats fluffy diva pop star to an award and world's biggest twat almost acts like a twat, caused such a stir is indicative of the cluelessness of this empty, meaningless, back-slapping shambles of an awards ceremony. For rock and metal fans this will not be news, it almost seems to have become an annual event for us to shake our heads in disbelief and confusion as the nominees for the Best Metal Performance are revealed. And this year they really have outdone themselves. Not only were eyebrows raised at the fact that, in what has been an exceptionally strong year for heavy metal, three artists were nominated from the same tribute album. But the winners were Jack Black's comedy acoustic rockers Tenacious D and their cover of Dio's The Last In Line. What?

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