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They Could Have Been A Contender: Pitchshifter

Looking back at Pitchshifter's almost-rise to the top

Credit where credit is due, a three piece, Godflesh knock-off from Nottingham in the early '90s really had very little chance of making their way onto MTV and some of the biggest festival stages in the world. But, in the end, Pitchshifter cold have had so much more.

Forming in 1989, the band's early composition of industrial grime was enough to see them tour with Napalm Death and sign to Earache Records for the release of the, fairly underwhelming, Industrial and Desensitized albums and the Submit EP. Although their recorded output at this point wasn't pulling up any trees – the live show was a different story. Pitchshifter were the first band to have their set pulled at the now defunct Phoenix Festival in 1995 as over-zealous fans stormed the stage, buoyed by their infectious energy and penchant for destruction (frontman JS Clayden would often take a sledgehammer to a grand piano onstage). A year later they released the much improved Infotainment? album, which showed a slightly more melody-friendly approach by the band. Still, though, they were continuing to push the boundaries of heaviness, being one of the pioneers embracing the dance remix culture that was beginning to grow in the rock world.

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