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My Bloody Valentine: 14 Very Metal Love Songs

Who said metalheads aren’t romantics at heart?

Valentine’s Day is one of those polarising events that either leaves you giddy at the thought of a surprise trip to Paris, or awakens the grumpy cynic within. If you subscribe more towards the latter way of thinking, you’re in good company – some of rock and metal’s biggest names, like Strapping Young Lad and Pantera, have also expressed their disdain for schmaltz through their music. Others, though, are big old romantics – Ace Frehley risked his driving license to speed back to his baby, while Motörhead’s Lemmy just wanted to be loved.

No matter how you feel about the subject of love, there’s a tune to suit your mood. We rounded up the best metal love songs, from the heartbreaking to the mushy to the downright weird, to get even the most hard-hearted of you in the mood.

Strapping Young Lad – Love?

Devin Townsend is a man after the hearts of relationship naysayers in this 2005 classic. He doesn’t sound particularly sold on the idea of falling in love, which is a feeling some of us know all too well. Weeks of Tinder right-swiping that yields only one awkward date in an overcrowded pub could well have you clutching your temples and feeling a bit like Townsend as he rasps "So what’s all the fuss about?!’ It’s not all doom and gloom, though – Townsend himself is happily married to wife Tracy Turner. Maybe it was his ferocious, anti-love stance that won her over?

Pantera – This Love 

Here’s one we wouldn’t recommend listening to after a nasty breakup. Drummer Vinnie Paul has previously said This Love is based on Phil Anselmo’s personal experience, and from the chugging, melancholy prog riffs and lyrics referencing death, we’re guessing it wasn’t a great relationship. It’s wholly relatable, though. Who hasn’t come out of a rocky long-term pairing feeling like they want to curl up into a despondent ball? This is definitely one to listen to once you’re sooooooo over it. Don’t depress yourself even more.

Avenged Sevenfold – A Little Piece Of Heaven

As relationship advice goes, this definitely falls into the ‘don’t try this at home’ category. A jilted boyfriend decides that the only way to win over the woman of his dreams is to do something completely not deranged and fucked up(read: totally deranged and fucked up), and eat her heart. Cue a gross zombie love story, made somehow endearing by the animated video. Being dumped sucks, we all know that. Feeling like you might want to punish the person who did the dumping is normal. This guy, however, takes the whole crazy ex-boyfriend to gory extremes.

Ratt – Round And Round

Ace Frehley – Speedin’ Back To My Baby

Lead Kiss axeman Ace Frehley’s first solo album gave us this bluesy gem, in which he turns his back on glam rock to make this chugging, twelve-bar ditty. There’s nothing gruesome here – no bleeding hearts or dying lovers – just Ace, feeling like a bit of an arse after upsetting his girlfriend, and driving at 95mph to go and make it up to her. Aww. Probably one of rock’s most cheerful and inoffensive love songs, we’d advise taking a leaf out of Ace’s book and swiftly making amends if you happen to make your other half cry, although you should probably stay within the speed limit.

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