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Falling In Reverse: Rad Moon Rising

In a scene lacking big personalities and outspoken rockstars, Ronnie Radke is a true one-off. Love him or hate him, you just can't ignore him...

You just don’t sit on the fence with Ronnie Radke. Whether you’re stoked that he’s made it into an issue of Metal Hammer or enraged because you’ve heard Falling In Reverse’s Bad Girls Club and it made you want to jump out of a fucking window, chances are he’ll provoke a reaction – and with good reason.

Born just outside Las Vegas in December 1983, a quick look into Ronnie’s background throws some serious light onto the troubled but talented singer’s rather turbulent personality. Poverty-line poor and with a drug-addict-turned-born-again-Christian dad and a mother who split when he was less than a year old, there was enough drama in Ronnie’s early years to fill a lifetime, let alone help shape the young man that burst onto the scene as vocalist with glam-flavoured metallers Escape The Fate.

By the age of 25, Ronnie had recorded their now seminal album Dying Is Your Latest Fashion and was being touted as the hottest frontman in America. By 26, he was fired from Escape The Fate in a hail of alcohol abuse before serving two and a half years in prison after violating the terms of a probation set following his indictment on battery charges. It was at that point, however, that Ronnie decided to leave that life firmly behind him.


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