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Famous Firsts: Sick Of It All

The firsts of SOIA's Lou Koller

Sick Of It All frontman Lou Koller reminisces over the firsts of his musical career – from falling in love with Judas Priest to touring with Bad Brains.

What was the first album that you ever bought?

“The first record I got with my own money was Judas Priest British Steel. Before that I had other records. My mother had gone out and bought Kiss Alive for me and my brother, Pete. Around that time – when I finally saved up enough money – I went to the record store, and I was looking through all the records when I saw British Steel. I thought, 'This looks great!' And then I turned it over and I saw the guys on the back, and I was like, 'These guys look fucking wild!' So I bought the record. Then I went home and I put it on, and I was blown away. That record is such a great record. And not just the hits like Living After Midnight, but Grinder and stuff like that. Oh, man! Our two other brothers were into bands like Deep Purple and Rainbow too, but me and Pete always leaned more towards the heavier, dirtier stuff like Sabbath and Motörhead. But Judas Priest were the first real heavy metal band I got into.”

What was the first single that you ever bought?

“The first single I went out and bought, and I got it for fifty cents at a used record store in my neighbourhood, was Alice Cooper's School's Out. How about that?! They didn't just sell records: they had all kinds of second-hand crap. It was one of those tiny little places that's stuffed with everything. I was looking through the 7"s, and there it was. The B-side was Gutter Cat, and I fucking played both sides to death. I still have that record.”

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