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New Blood: Black Peaks

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There are a new breed of bands who are blurring the boundaries between post-rock, prog and the brute-force of post-hardcore. Its lineage can be traced back, perhaps, to Mastodon’s 2002 debut, 'Remission' and the Atlanta foursome's sprawling ideas have trickled down, in part, to the East Sussex coast.

Meet Brighton’s Black Peaks. The quartet began life as Shrine and released their first EP last year, before adopting their new, foreboding moniker in the autumn. Two songs on that release – namely Say You Will and Closer To The Sun – were a perfect marriage of intricate, interweaving guitar lines, a gut punch of downtuned riffs and soaring vocals. Excitingly, their new single, Glass Built Castles hints at the band storming into even bolder musical territory. 

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