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Billy Talent: Hits – A track-by-track guide

Guitarist Ian D'Sa walks us through the Canadian punks' forthcoming best-of...

Canadian punks Billy Talent are set to release their career-spanning compilation, 'Hits', on February 23. The 14-track collection, which takes in highlights from their four studio albums – 'Billy Talent', 'Billy Talent II', 'Billy Talent III' and 'Dead Silence' – also features two brand new tracks: 'Kingdom Of Zod' and 'Chasing The Sun'. Here, guitarist and master quiff maintainer Ian D’Sa talks us through the upcoming release...

"We originally put this on a four-song CD that we funded ourselves and literally sold from the stage before we got a record deal. I guess it’s the song that pretty much jumpstarted our career, so it really has special meaning to us. The first time we recorded that song was in about 2000 in Burlington [Ontario] in this place called the Music Gym. At that point, we were basically an indie band playing shitty bars."

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