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Page: "I need to find time to play the guitar"

Following the reissue of Physical Graffiti Jimmy Page talks Zep, the blues and those Chris Cornell collaboration rumours.

As we all know, Jimmy Page has been clearing out the vaults. Since it roared to life last summer, Led Zeppelin’s reissue campaign has continued, with six studio albums remastered and ransacked for lost treasure. Today, the 71-year-old guitarist has broken cover, ensconced at Kensington’s Gore Hotel to promote the rocket-fuelled Physical Graffiti. Yet as our interview goes on, talk of past glories strays into future plans – and in particular, he addresses one tantalising rumour that could overshadow Page/Plant reunion talk if it comes to fruition.

Physical Graffiti deserves excavation. Reissued by Warners on February 23, in six formats from double CD to deluxe box set, and reviewed last month, the 1975 double-album, now thumpingly remastered and resplendent in a replica of the original LP sleeve, is perhaps the peak of the Zep catalogue. “If you have a download, you don’t get the artwork with it,” Page reasons. “And I think that’s why people have enjoyed and elevated towards these boxes we’ve been doing. People have said to me that they prefer the tactile object.”


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