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Welcome Back: Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

Seattle grunge legend Tad Doyle returns two decades on with his new “heavy, spiritual” stoner trio.

When Sounds magazine previewed the 1989 Heavier Than Heaven tour, featuring Sub Pop labelmates Tad and Nirvana, it was Tad Doyle’s band – rather than Kurt Cobain’s group – who went on the cover. Though the success of Nevermind soon reversed that pecking order, Tad remained one of the Pacific Northwest’s most compelling and powerful acts. The larger-than-life frontman has kept a low profile since ’89, but that’s set to change with Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth. “I have no choice but to make music,” he insists. “Sometimes that’s a joy, but sometimes it’s real painful.”

Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth is out now via Neurot Recordings.


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