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Your Essential Guide To NOFX – 
Part 2

Now it's time to look at their 1997 release 'So Long And Thanks For All the Shoes' onwards...

Here's the second part of our guide to NOFX. Last time around, we dipped into prolific punks' 32-year career by looking at every album from 1988's 'Liberal Animation' up to their 1996 release, 'Heavy Petting Zoo'.

Next up, we're paying close attention to their 1997 follow-up, So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes up until their most recent album, Self Entitled...

**The hardest thing for a punk band to address is growing old. It's easy to sing about how much growing old sucks when you're young, but what happens when you're starting to notice wrinkles and the odd grey hair? If you're NOFX, then you confront the subject with unashamed self-awareness and self-deprecating wit. So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes is a classic punk rock record from start to finish. Musically, it covers everything from hardcore (Murder The Government) to skatepunk (Dad's Bad News) and ska (All Outta Angst), and the band switch effortlessly between genres. Fat Mike's voice is at its sarcastic and complaintive best here, and lyrically he covers everything from girls with a limited vocabulary (Monosyllabic Girl) to bad drug experiences (Kids of the K-Hole). He even displays his more sensitive side in Falling in Love, which documents the fictitious tale of dying in a plane crash with a loved one. Album opener It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite throws down the gauntlet, and over the next 15 songs, the band makes good on their promise.
**Essential track:
 180 Degrees

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