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Scott Ian: "I love being in a band with my wife"

The Anthrax guitarist and Pearl Aday explain why they've resurrected Mother Superior's back catalogue for their new project, Motor Sister

Scott Ian and his wife Pearl Aday have teamed up with former Mother Superior guitarist Jim Wilson, Armored Saint/Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera and The Cult drummer John Tempesta. Together, they're Motor Sister and have recorded an album featuring covers of Wilson's band. We caught up with Scott and Pearl to find out how this supergroup came to be...

**Scott: “I first became aware of them because they became the Rollins Band on [2000 album] Get Some Go Again. There was obviously a noticeable difference in sound for Henry with that one – all of a sudden he sounded like he was in a rock band, like a Thin Lizzy, AC/DC vibe. I found out he changed his band and now they were these guys from LA called Mother Superior. I love rock music, and nobody was making music like that in the late 90s. I hadn't heard any original rock music like that in a long time. Not only the Rollins Band record, I went out and got all their records.”

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