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Dødheimsgard: Home Is Where The Art Is

Having ridden the cusp of Norway's avant-black metal wave, Dødheimsgard promptly disappeared. Now they’re back and they've undergone a radical transformation.

Eight years ago we probably envisioned that Dødheimsgard would be a household name by now. Having included such high-profile figures as Darkthrone’s Fenriz and Aura Noir’s Apollyon, the band were already a well-established name and their industrially flavoured 1999 opus, 666 International, had put them at the very cutting edge of black metal.

With the release of Supervillain Outcast – featuring Kvohst, aka Beastmilk and Hexvessel’s Mat McNerny, on vocals – in 2007, however, the band’s combination of strong songs and visuals pushed them through the genre’s glass ceiling. Precise and electronically augmented yet also spirited and soulful, Supervillain... was not only critically acclaimed but surprisingly accessible, boasting an arsenal of memorable riffs and melodies. 


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