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New Metal Revolution: Coldrain - The Rising Sons

As metal's next generation attempts to step up and snatch the baton, one band look set to draw gazes a little further east. Can Coldrain lead Japan's rock scene into a brave new world?

On the tiny Red Bull stage at last year’s Download, as rock and metal’s heavyweights were busy dominating the main stage behind it, something rather unexpected happened.

Amid the array of noobs still clearly finding their feet and scene veterans slogging it out for yet another round, one beacon of undiluted charisma suddenly appeared. A man whose star appeal was unquestionable, who quickly captured everyone’s attention and swiftly abolished any prior plans to check out another stage or sneak off for a wee. This man was Masato David Hayakawa, the frontman of Coldrain. Although they may have made limited appearances on UK soil, this was far from their first rodeo. Being active for six years and having four albums to their name, in the band’s homeland of Japan they are a very big deal indeed, regularly playing sold-out shows to thousands of people. Amid the chattering, excited metalheads who left the tent that day, another step was taken towards global domination, and with a slot supporting mainstays Papa Roach on a UK tour on the horizon (including a stop at London’s impressive Roundhouse venue), you’d be a mug to bet against them now.

“Do we want to emulate our success in Japan in other countries? Definitely,” says a clearly ambitious Masato. “If we can get that all over the world, I’d be so happy.”


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