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New Metal Revolution: Upon A Burning Body - The Tex-Mex Terrors

Upon A Burning Body have had their fair share of turbulence, but they're ready to focus their attack on the metal mainstream once again.

At this moment in time, there may be some of you reading this that might only know a few things about San Antonians Upon A Burning Body.

Firstly, their unfathomably OTT, highly divisive, yet ultimately genius cover of DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon’s dumbo party anthem Turn Down For What featuring Ice-T, a song that scored some heady mainstream attention for a band so relatively brutal. Secondly, their ill-advised stunt to promote last year’s superb album The World Is My Enemy Now, where frontman Danny Leal was declared missing by the band, only to pop up 24 hours later with those involved awkwardly claiming it was all a hoax, much to the chagrin of everyone from fans to record company bosses.

Thirdly, the fact that UABB are some sharp-dressed dudes. And fourthly, of course, that they are capable of putting out some of the most badass, death and groove-infused metal doing the rounds. And, if they have their way, 2015 is going to be the year that you, and anyone who doubts their pedigree as a band, sits up and takes notice of Upon A Burning Body for what they are: a great heavy metal band.


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