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New Metal Revolution: While She Sleeps - The Young Lions

Despite some not entirely insignificant setbacks, While She Sleeps are still poised to become the UK's most vital young band. Watch them go.

There are few bands in recent times that have come as close to blowing their potential as While She Sleeps.

Primed to become the UK’s most important heavy band since Bring Me The Horizon ever since 2011’s The North Stands For Nothing EP was first championed by a Sheffield metal scene still in its relative infancy, the five-piece were set for explosive things last year, until a certain singer found himself out for the count thanks to some serious, surgery-causing vocal issues. In this very magazine’s While She Sleeps special a few months back, we revealed that a second surgery was on the cards for Loz Taylor, once again putting both his band’s and his own future in some serious doubt, but today, we are happy to report that, on the face of it at least, things are still very much still in motion for What Comes Next.


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