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Nightwish: Never Ending Story

Evolution? Biology? Richard Dawkins?! Nightwish's latest adventure might surprise some, but like science itself, it's just another chapter in their never ending story...

Nightwish do not do “boring”. The band’s sound from the outset has been theatrical, grandiose, bombastic and generally larger than life, and the path the Finns have followed apart from their music can have similarly dramatic adjectives applied to it. The acrimonious fall-out with original singer Tarja Turunen made headlines, but by the release of last album Imaginaerum in 2011, it appeared to be a mere stumble in the band’s upward trajectory (both in terms of creative ability and popular success).

That album was comfortably the band’s best, most over-the-top record to date, had a fantastical film accompanying it, and proved that Tarja’s successor, Anette Olzon, had the voice to make the role her own. Fast forward less than a year, and Anette had her own less-than-friendly split from the band in the middle of a US tour.

ReVamp and former After Forever singer Floor Jansen stepped into the breach, at first temporarily, but later permanently. 2015 sees the band about to release their first album with Floor, and if convincing Nightwish’s vast, vocal fanbase that she can do on an album what she can undoubtedly achieve live was not enough of a challenge, the band have decided to make things even more attention-grabbing.


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