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Wednesday 13: The Theories Of A Dead Man

His new album is dedicated to the weird and wacky world of conspiracy theories, so we got Wednesday 13 to guide us through some of his favourites. Tin foil hats at the ready...


“I got into conspiracy theories after being in the 2011 earthquake/tsunami in Japan. I read theories that it was caused by [US research programme] HAARP, which opened the rabbit hole on everything. For instance, in America, there are like 15 different Bigfoot hunter shows with hillbillies acting ridiculous.

But I’ve read a lot of books and my take on it is that Bigfoot was, or is, humans. There’s a gap in evolution where we went from apes to upright people that can make iPods, and I think Bigfoot is what we used to be before the genetic manipulation that happened.”


“There are so many legends about this place – obviously it’s a real place – but there are stories about underground tunnel systems so people who work there can travel on top-secret trains. There’s talk about a place inside Area 51 called The Cage where they supposedly mutate and work on different species, which sounds like The Island Of Doctor Moreau, bizarre stuff.

If you were a scientist in Area 51 and you thought about splicing a crocodile with a human you could just do it. It’s not moral and it’s not right but it’s in a top-secret place. Real X-Men could be in there, who knows?!”


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