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Covered: Metallica's Master Of Puppets

Listen to this 1986 thrash masterpiece in an entirely different light

On March 3, 1986, the metal world was forever changed with the release of Metallica's third studio album, 'Master Of Puppets'. To mark the occasion, here's eight bands who've paid tribute in their own different ways...

‘Battery’ – Machine Head
**Frontman Robb Flynn grew up in the Oakland area and was firmly ensconced in the Bay Area thrash scene, first joining Forbidden Evil and later playing guitar alongside future ‘Head bandmate Phil Demmel in Vio-Lence. So it would make sense then, that Machine Head would pay tribute to the scene's leaders with such precision and bouyant enthusiasm.
**Find It:
The Blackening: Special Edition (Roadrunner, 2008)

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