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The Osbourne Legacy: The Best Clips

In 2002, reality TV was given something of a rude beeping awakening...

On March 5, 2002, the first episode of ‘The Osbournes’ was broadcast on MTV in North America.

The reality show, which ran for 52 episodes over four series, will return later this year, according to Sharon Osbourne.

Now, before you get all dewey-eyed with nostalgia and start cancelling your weekend plans to watch the whole lot again, we've sifted through the archives to bring you the best moments from the show...

**In one of the show’s most memorable scenes, Ozzy is having trouble with a massive telly remote. The TV engineer proudly reveals that the Osbournes weren’t given written instructions on how to use it because it’s “so easy to use”. Cue one frustrated metal icon who doesn’t particularly want to watch the Weather Channel all day. “I’m a simple man,” moans the Double O. “You’ve got to have computer knowledge to turn the TV on and off. I’m pressing one button and the shower starts. What is this?” Faulty wiring, maybe?

The Osbournes’ palatial Beverly Hills home is invaded by a cat who clearly doesn’t like the media’s presence and hides behind some furniture. Ozzy, armed with a feather duster, leaps to the rescue. The cat – let's call him Peter Criss – must have signed a clearance form as it wasn’t blurred out of this nail biting footage.

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