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Prog's Tracks Of The Week

A little something to help the weekend go that extra mile...

OK, here's some music that various members of the Prog team have been grooving to this week...

We spend all week checking out new music - like you, we love it. So instead of making you wait 'til the next issue to froth majestically over the great and good of the prog world, each week we're now bringing you a selection of what we think is hot (this week, anyway). Sometimes it might be a taster of things to come, or it might be an old favourite that's caught our ear once again. Either way, it'll always be something worth listening to. So, from the Editorial team and one of our esteemed writers (take a bow this week Jo Kendall), here's a mercurial selection of sonic delights to ponder over the weekend. Please do tell us what you like....


Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

Seeing the Trevor Horn Band at Shepherds Bush Empire last night brought it all flooding back. And with his old Buggles cohort Geoff Downes on stage with him, this song got the biggest cheer of the evening. Yes, even more than Yes' Owner Of A Lonely Heart, which was almost my choice for this week until nostalgia and an unerring sense of silliness kicked in. Oh well, it's the weekend. Enjoy...


Amplfier - My Name Is Rocky

These guys are headlining the first ever Prog stage at this year's Desrtfest, taking place in London this April, so that now's the perfect time to revisit their proggy space rock.


Jenny Hval and Susanna - O Sun O Medusa/Mirror In My Mouth

When Kate Bush went ‘Wow’ several times, changing both the timbre and emotion of her voice, she was merely preparing us for the emotional and physical power of two competing voices co-joined as one moving, harmonious yet discordant entity a mere 31 years later when Jenny Hval and Suzanna begun their Meshes Of Voice project in 2009. Brought to fruition on record last year, listen to this and prepare to be mesmerised.


BhamBhamHara - Kreislauf 

We've had progressive house and we've had EBM; apparently Progressive Body Music (PBM for short) is now a thing. That's what Germany's BhamBhamHara are calling their blend of rule-bending hard electro. Kreislauf _is the dancefloor-friendly opening track from their self-explanatory album _Progressive Body Music and if you're a fan of crossover bands like The Orb and Vessels, then you should definitely check these guys out.


Nordic Giants - Rapture

Got a feeling 2015's going to be a big year for Nordic Giants. The enigmatic band (did their mums really christen them Loki and Roka?) release their debut album A Séance Of Dark Illusions next month on Kscope, and towering lead track Rapture sets the tone. Vocals comes from Beth Cannon, just one of the guest artists gracing the long player. They might be giants, indeed...


Charlie Barnes - Sing To God

Charlie first came on Prog's radar as Geekk., then kept cropping up doing wonderful things with fellow Manchester musos such as Amplifier. Now he's become some sort of symphonic alt-prog force with a new self-titled band and debut record in the offing from the nice people at Superball. Sing To God soars, it sears, it's a kaleidoscope of grandeur in your ears. In other words, I quite like it. 

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