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Flash Metal Suicide: TNT

This week: the "glass-shattering screeches and Maiden-meets Halen shred n' chug" of TNT's second album, Knights Of The New Thunder

“The longboat force is back again, to take on all the world!” - Seven Seas

I dunno, I remember these dudes doing flips. In my head, they were Vikings who played in front of a longboat wearing loincloths and did somersaults and shit. But the flipping was probably Killer Dwarfs or Nasty Savage, and I'm pretty sure now that the loincloths were Manowar or Carnivore. I don't think these guys did a lot more than wear tight pants and shake their hair around. TNT were a lot better in my mind. But what the hell, they did have a boat (at least for one video) and we're here already, so we might as well tell their tawdry tale.

Let's give 'em this much: long before Turbonegro's denim demonology or the church burning, skull-stabbing antics of Mayhem and Burzum, TNT were pretty much the first gang of Norwegians to bring Scandinavian rock to the Man. Prior to that, what did people even equate Norway with? Vikings. That's it. TNT were hip to that. They knew it was a good gimmick, so Knights was peppered with songs about sailing the high seas and beating their enemy's heads in with axes and hammers. In fact, they had already released a debut album in their Norwegian tongue in 1982 and that whole thing was pretty much barbaric biker metal dosed with a healthy amount of bloodlust.

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