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New Blood: Zoax

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How did you get into music? Did something catch your eye when you were flicking through your parents’ vinyl collection? Or did you do some investigating after seeing a band T-shirt at school? Everyone has a different story to tell. Take Zoax frontman Adam Carroll, for example, whose entry point into music was largely down to a Belgian comic book franchise.

"The first album I ever bought was [1997’s] The Smurfs Go Pop! Again," laughs Adam. "When these questions come up, people always answer with something like The Shape Of Punk To Come. Of course, I got into those albums evenutally, but I knew nothing about music at the age of seven or eight, so I was on board with The Smurfs.”

He soon forgot about The Smurfs and discovered the likes of Metallica, Biffy Clyro and Counting Crows and performed vocals including Cork quartet Time Is A Thief. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Irish Sea, Zoax – Douglas Wotherspoon (guitar), Morgan Sinclair (guitar) Joe Copcutt (bass) and Jonathan Rogers (drums) – were searching for a vocalist to complete their band. 

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