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Generation Next: Of Mice & Men lead the New Metal Revolution

OM&M talk candidly about their rollercoaster career thus far

Current Metal Hammer magazine cover stars Of Mice & Men on the ups and downs of their career to date, their thoughts on fronting up the New Metal Revolution and their hopes for the future…

The New Metal Revolution issue of Hammer (available here) is dedicated to showcasing a new generation of superstars-in-waiting: do you feel a kinship with other bands in the issue?

Austin: “For sure. There’s so many good bands pushing forward right now, and it’s so cool to see bands that maybe came from the same place as us originally doing their own thing. I mean, if you look at say, A Day To Remember or Sleeping With Sirens, we’re very different bands, and we’re taking different routes, but we’re all out here, helping each other and supporting each other. I was texting Kellin [Quinn] from Sleeping With Sirens the other day, talking about stuff, and Danny from We Are Harlot too: obviously he’s stepped away from Asking Alexandria now and so I texted him saying ‘Hey man, I’m here if you need to talk, or whatever.’ I mean, three or four years ago, before he was in our band, Aaron reached out to me like that when I was going through some shit, just saying ‘Hey man, you don’t know me very well, as we’ve only met a few times, but if you need someone to talk to…’ Two years later, when I decided that we needed another singer, I thought of that guy who showed me kindness and showed me support, and now that guy is as much a part of Of Mice & Men as any of us. This life is more to all of us than just music.”

Aaron, what made you decide to get in touch with Austin at that point in time?

Aaron: “I remember just feeling compelled to do it. I thought ‘This guy is obviously going through some shit, and a bunch of people are hating on him on the internet and that sucks.’ I remember he put his phone number up online and said ‘I’m going to change this number in five minutes, feel free to talk shit to me’ and so I sent him a lengthy text just to say ‘Hey man, keep your chin up.’ At the time I just felt like this guy could use a friend. And I’m proud to call him a friend now.”

In recent interviews Austin has talked about how he doesn’t want to see OM&M as just another Warped tour band: is that a mentality you all share in 2015?

Aaron: “I think we’re all on the same page with that. We’ve always refused to set boundaries for ourselves. We want to be the biggest band in the world. Anybody who’s in a band that doesn’t want to be the biggest band in the world is just wasting their time, because that drive is what keeps you going on those long, cold lonely days on tour. But we want to be big for the right reasons, with music that has integrity.”

Tino: “Definitely. When it came to making Restoring Force we made a conscious decision to step outside of our comfort zone, because we felt like our band needed to take a chance and push ourselves and to maybe shock some people: we learned a lot about ourselves in the process and ultimately in doing that it gave us a reinvigorated passion for our music. Our music is our legacy: when this is over no-one will remember what clothes we wore in a certain photoshoot or care about a quote we gave online once, the timeless thing that will last forever is our music.”

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