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The Vinyl Issue: Vinegar Joe

Mock muggings, sexual advances and sweat stains were all part of the Vinegar Joe story – along with some blistering British blues-rock. But one member was plotting to leave...

It’s late 1973, and Vinegar Joe singer Elkie Brooks is walking home to her flat in Fulham. She’s halfway down the alleyway that leads from Putney Bridge underground station to the New King’s Road, when a man steps out of the shadows.

Without warning, he punches Brooks in the face. She falls to the ground, ripping the long winter coat she’s wearing. The man steals her bag, along with all her money and credit cards. A dazed Brooks struggles to her feet, runs back to the station and calls for help. An ambulance arrives to take her to hospital. The headline in that day’s Evening Standard reads: ‘Rock star mugged in West London.’


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