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Halestorm: Hale To The Queen

Be it through her building-shaking voice, DIY attitude, or addiction to all things heavy, Lzzy Hale is taking metal ethics rocking and rolling into the mainstream.

Back in 1998, if you’d scoured the bowling alleys and coffee houses, talent shows and ice cream parlours of Pennsylvania, you might well have stumbled across a 13-year-old girl with an astonishingly powerful voice, channelling her all-time idol Ronnie James Dio at the lip of a stage while her 10-year-old brother spun and whirled behind her, strapped perilously into a rotating, upside-down drumkit fashioned by their mechanic father out of old tractor parts.

If you were very lucky, you’d have had your eyebrows singed by their homemade flashbombs, too. If there was ever any doubt that the dynamic duo in question, singer Lzzy Hale and little bro Arejay, were set to follow their metal heroes on the route to stardom, it’s not one that ever entered their own heads. But now, 17 years later, their BabyCrüe antics are paying off as Halestorm strut the line between classic rock and heavy metal to Grammy-winning, globe-conquering effect.

“It is every big sister’s dream to have what is basically a torture device for your little brother,” says Lzzy today, laughing at the memory. “We’d snap him in with four seatbelts and just let him fly!”


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