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Hammer Does Australia: Soundwave Festival

Soundwave Festival is a juggernaut, spread over two weekends and four cities...

With a host of so-called Sidewave shows to boot, it’s a living, fire-breathing swarm of bands, roadies and crew that sweeps Australia and leaves tens of thousands of hangovers in its wake. Hammer was invited down to witness 64 bands walloping Aussie metaldom. Strewth.


13:32 Touchdown. After 10,000 miles and 23 hours, the cast and crew of Hammer Down Under arrive in Melbourne. Given the ambitious breadth and scope of coverage we have planned over the next nine days, and that we’re due to arrive on site in less than 12 hours, we’ve wisely opted not to take advantage of Qantas’s generous drinks policy and definitely don’t immediately hit the pub across the road.

23:15 Unimpressed by said pub’s range of lager, we head back to the hotel in search of a cab and bump into Of Mice & Men. Beer? “Ah, no thanks, guys, I’ve got a show tomorrow so gonna rest up,” says Austin. It’s cool, man, not like we put you on the cover or anything...


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