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Ranger: Speeding Liberties

Running rampant over commercially minded modernisers and cultivated retro-fetishists alike, Finland’s Ranger are channelling the undying and undiluted spirit of heavy metal.

When Manowar’s Joey DeMaio coined the phrase ‘Death to false metal’ in the 80s, he could not have foreseen the overwhelming volume of ostensibly heavy music that would emerge in the decades to follow, bereft of some or all of the components that made our genre such a compelling alternative to mainstream music in the first place.

We could waste days debating the relative merits of more demonstrably modern strains of metal, but one solid, unquestionable truth remains: the true spirit of heavy metal is as strong today as it ever was, and no amount of cynical dilution or culturally detached tinkering can alter the fact that millions around the world still adhere to metal’s intrinsic values. 


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