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Stick To Your Guns: Punk's Not Dead

A defiant spit in the face of anyone who believes the punk scene has lost sight of its core values, Stick To Your Guns are the thinking man's middle finger.

I f you feel that you know Corey Taylor – and being such an engaging and open presence in the metal community, many of you probably do – then you’ll know the sort of attributes that he values. Passion, intelligence, individuality, integrity, self-belief. Which is why, upon reflection, you shouldn’t be shocked by his decision to name-check Orange County hardcore outfit Stick To Your Guns as a band that he wants you to hear.

Musically, they may be miles apart from Slipknot or Stone Sour – latest release Disobedient is their fifth album of concrete-heavy, highly politicised, old-school punk inspired underground noise, but, speaking to frontman Jesse Barnett, it’s easy to join the dots. Here is a man who speaks in a fiercely articulate and committed way about everything from music and scene politics to society’s ills and everything else in between in a manner that would have Corey, never a man short on an opinion or two, nodding his head vigorously in agreement.


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