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We Are Harlot: Born To Rock

Think Danny leaving Asking Alexandria was an act of madness? He wouldn't entirely disagree, but as We Are Harlot shows, this is a man who was quite simply born to rock.

It was New Year’s Eve 2010 when Danny Worsnop saw his future roll out in front of him. The transplanted Yorkshireman was at a party in his adopted hometown of Los Angeles, when he bumped in a guy who told him he was a musician too. That’s hardly a coincidence, of course. You can throw a rock anywhere in Hollywood and hit at least half a dozen musicians.

But this guy was different. A guitarist named Jeff George, he was a few years older than Danny, but unusually, they shared the same taste in music: Aerosmith, Kiss, Def Leppard. The titans of rock’n’roll’s stadium-conquering heyday. The kind of bands they just didn’t make any more.

The two men swiftly and enthusiastically bonded and, at some point, one or the other suggested putting together a band. In fairness, the sheer poundage of cocaine they were hoovering up probably helped the process along, but still, by the time the drugs had run out and the party had come to an end, they were adamant that they were going to not just become bandmates, but put old-school 80s rock back on the agenda.


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