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Six Pack: Angels & Airwaves' Tom DeLonge

The frontman spills the beans on childhood, punk rock and the price of success...

This is Six Pack, our mini compendium of the informative or the quirkier aspects of rock music. This week, it's Tom DeLonge on growing up, taking creative risks and running around without any pants.

**“During my childhood, my parents would fight all the fucking time. My dad left when I was 18 and my sister was 12. My brother was off in the army fighting wars and shit. My mom lost her job at that point too. Right then, at that moment, I said, “this is fucked,” and I moved out. My sister was in tears all night long, wondering where her entire family had gone. But I felt like I had to start my life. It was horrible. That’s why I wrote Stay Together For The Kids in Blink. All of that song was describing a situation in my mom’s apartment – the shades were always down, it was really dark in there and she was probably suicidal to a degree, her kids had left, her daughter was crying, she had no job or money, my dad had another relationship going. It was all this fucked up stuff.”

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