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Sleeping With Sirens: Emotional Rescue

Frontman Kellin Quinn reveals the inspirations behind their new album

Kellin Quinn has earned a rest. Fresh from releasing an album that’s being lauded as his best yet with Sleeping with Sirens – one that was produced by punk stalwart John Feldmann and features what Quinn describes as the best song he’s ever written – he’s relishing the opportunity to kick back and put songwriting to the back of his mind.

“I’m not one of those dudes that writes songs every day,” he says, which may come as a surprise to fans that love him for his introspective lyrics. “We’ll be touring Madness for a year or two, so I just want to take some time out and enjoy what we’re doing right now.”

Initial reactions to the post-emo quintet’s fourth record suggest it’s more than strong enough to see them through two years of touring, and Quinn is firmly in agreement with the accolades, agreeing without hesitation when asked if he agrees it’s their strongest work to date.

Madness’s laid-bare emotional content is something Quinn is particularly proud of as a songwriter. His brand of frenetic, post-teen energy mixed with a heavy helping of navel-gazing often results in profound yet unpretentious lyrcis, and he’s keen to make it known that he writes from the heart first, and for the fans second.

“The whole of Madness is deeply personal,” he says. “It’s really important for me to inject personal feelings into my songs. If music makes me feel something, then I guess other people will [feel it] too.”

And what about the old stereotype of the teen misfit finding their inner peace with their headphones on and the riffs at full volume?

“Yes, people should relate to the music,” he says. “The Strays [track six on Madness] is, I think, one of the best things I’ve ever written. It’s so important to have confidence in yourself, and that’s what it’s about. People can relate to that.”

Quinn and Pierce The Veil's Vic Fuentes on the Warped Tour, 2013 and right, the poster for their current tour
Photo: Chelsea Lauren/ WireImage

Sleeping With Sirens' album Madness is out now through Epitaph. They play London's Kentish Town Forum on April 11 with Pierce The Veil.

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