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Flash Metal Suicide: Sweet Pain

This week, a celebration of Sweet Pain's only album: "Essentially, this is Appetite for Destruction recorded by a prison band during their lunch hour"

“Sleeping in the gutter, dirty as a rat...” - Shoot For Thrills

Being ahead of your time is pretty much the worst thing ever. Who cares if some tiny cult of cool kids worship your album twenty five years after you break up? That's not gonna keep you in ham sandwiches, brother. The key is to be on time. You can roll your eyes about White Lion all you want but the fact is, those half-Danish puffballs arrived at the party at the optimal moment. Sweet Pain, on the other hand, got there a couple years too early, and left before anybody even got tipsy. I mean, they weren't decades ahead of their time – Music Machine basically invented Danzig in 1965, that's some next-level shit – but they were probably the first ones to rip off Hanoi Rocks in the US. And that's something.

Sweet Pain were from New York City back when that town was a total wreck, teetering on the edge of complete collapse. Crack, AIDs, poverty, murder – that was the was the backdrop to Sweet Pain's rock n' roll fairytale. LA had sunshine, NYC had a drenching black rain that smelled like sulfur and burned at the touch. So it's really no wonder that most hard rock/metal bands from that town in that era sounded like maniacs, like Carnivore or the Cro-Mags, body-building brutes with anger-management issues that sang about World War III and cops bashing kids' heads in. 

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