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In The Studio: Cradle Of Filth

We step inside the recording space with CoF as they work on Hammer Of The Witches

New-look six-piece metal institution Cradle Of Filth have been holed up in the countryside of their native Suffolk since the end of last year, drawing deep inspiration from England's historic Witch County for their latest album, the medieval retribution-themed Hammer Of The Witches. Hailing a kindred spirit, Hammer tracked down Dani Filth to a hedgerow near the Suffolk/Norfolk border.

How long until the album's finished?

"We've still got 18 days left. We've been working eleven hour days – not including weekends, we can party then – and it's sounding fantastic. We're getting to that very exciting stage where you've fought through the boredom of being in the studio for so long, now it's getting exciting again, the puzzle's being put together."

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